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2009-05-14 22:41:27 by lukeman56789

like i want 2 make movie dont wanna spend any money thought is this possible


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2009-05-15 00:10:42

It is possible, but not legally.

Pretty sure I'm not allowed to go into any more detail than that, but I'd suggest just buying flash to stay out of any trouble.

lukeman56789 responds:

k got u just thought i might test the waters


2009-05-15 00:40:26

There are free programs out there that can make .swf files, but they tend to be really, really awful and have big ol' watermarks on them. If you're really wanting to make movies (and don't think you'll get bored of it in the first month), just buy Adobe CS3 or whatever. Be warned, though, it costs a LOT (more than 600 USD when I got Flash Pro 8 years back).

lukeman56789 responds:

how much we talking